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    Medilink International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in the early 90s, which has more than 20 years of experience in the logistic field. It has now developed into a modern warehouse-based integrated logistics enterprise with Global coverage and equipped with the most advanced IT software system providing comprehensive online and offline logistic services.

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    Medilink International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panjiang Logistics Co., Ltd.. Panjiang Logistics Co., Ltd. belongs to the largest state-owned enterprise in southern China, Guizhou Panjiang Holding Group. It is a comprehensive large state-owned logistics company integrating logistics, trade, finance and supply chain.

  • Business


    Medilink provides professional international import and export logistics via both air and sea freight; charter services; project logistics; all kinds of dangerous cargo; oversized cargo; fresh refrigerated cargo transport services. Builting a comprehensive network of land, sea and air transport capacity, covering large and medium-sized cities in the country as well as more than 150 overseas countries and regions with door-to-door transport solutions.

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    Diversed transportation resources.
    Transport capacity domestically and internationally.
    Professional dangerous cargo team. Professional charter operation team.
    Professional container operation team.
    Strength in large projects and break bulk cargo operations.
    Strong port coordination and emergency responding system.
    Comprehensive integrated logistics supply chain solutions.

  • Awards

    Medilink acts as the leader in the air logistic industry, is also a number of airlines' core honor partner. It has won all kinds of logistic contribution awards and the best freight forwarder awards. It is one of the IATA organization core members, also owns the NOVCC NVOCC qualification. It was awarded the top 100 logistics enterprises in China, China integrity logistics business members. There is only a handful of enterprises qualify to ship special cargo, and Medilink was one of them. 2012 Etihad Airline Best Customer Award. 2012 Lufthansa best service provider. 2012 Singapore Airlines Best Freight Forwarder Award. 2013 Etihad Airways Honor Award. 2013 Etihad Airways Beijing Best Agent Contribution Award. Lufthansa Strategic Partnership Certificate.

  • History

    • Medilink's predecessor (COSCO Air Transport Branch 2) was established in Beijing in 1992.
    • In 1998, by acquisition of the state-owned enterprises Fortune International Transport Services Limited, Medilink has become the first private company to acquire state-owned enterprises and gained the first class agency qualification.
    • In 2000, it traded shares with the Nasdaq listed company-Target International Logistics and also joined the IATA in the same year.
    • It was named the top ten Chinese private logistic enterprises in 2005.
    • In 2006, by undertaking the Zhongyuan Oilfield oil drilling equipment transportation, it offically entered the field of project logistics.
    • In 2009, by undertaking the Samsung electronic equipment charter project, it officially entered the field of cargo charter flights.
    • In 2013, it has became the logistic provider of Ebay which is the world's largest online business platform, building cross-border, ecommerce logistics service platform.
    • In 2014, Medilink merged with Panjiang Holding Group, the largest state-owned enterprise in South China.
    • In 2016, by undertaking special cargo transport, Medilink has become one of the few domestic enterprises which has the quailification for projects cargo transportaitons.
  • Logisitcs

    • International import and export air logistics
    • Internatioal import and export sea logistics
    • Domestic air and sea shipping
    • Domestic land and rail shipping
    • Project Logistics
    • Professional land and charter transportation
    • Dangerous cargo logistics
    • Oversized cargo logistics
    • Warehouse and custom clearance services
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