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Medilink Chongqing Subsidiary Successfully Compeleted The Charted Cargo Flights

Recently, Medilink Chongqing Subsidiary has successfully collaborated with the RU again on the charted cargo flights. On the basis of experienced custom clearance ability, resourceful air transportation advantage, and strong airport affairs coordinating ability, Medilink Chongqing Subsidiary could perfectly finish this special task.

The charted cargo flight simultaneously satisfied the demand for transporting vast amount of exports and imports, and benefited the clients with a reduced cost. In comparison to other cargo flights, the charted cargo flight has high flexibility of determining where to start, stop, and via, which is a result of the negotiation between the carrier and the client. As a result of concerns over safety issue of many countries, and to maintain domestic airline companies’ benefits, most governments have imposed restrictions on routes terminate or via their territories. Combined with complicated approval procedures, the cost of charted cargo flight has substantially increased, which in turn limits the number of enterprises that can carry charted cargo. Medilink is one of enterprises with such ability due to its rich experience in the industry and its good connections to airports around the world.