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Medilink Shanghai Subsidiary Perfectly Completed The EMS’ Charted Cargo Flights

Recently, the charted cargo flight safely landed in Uzbekistan, as a result of the first successful collaboration between Medilink Shanghai Subsidiary and EMS. The freight airplane is Boeing 767-200, which has a carrying capacity between 48 to 50 tons in total. The contract was signed between the Shanghai Subsidiary and EMS before hand, deciding the collaboration will start from 6/28/2016 onwards. On the basis of resourceful air transportation, strong airport affairs coordinating ability, and the capability of maintaining charted cargo flight, the Shanghai subsidiary applied for the permission to open up a new air route connecting Shanghai and Uzbekistan, and finally got its route from Shanghai to Moscow via Tashkent approved by the CAAC, with the fixed fly right on every Monday, Friday, and Sunday. Up until now, Medilink Shanghai Subsidiary has successfully finished four charted cargo flights entrusted by the EMS.

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