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Medilink's Engineering And Logistics Department Signed A Contract For The Transportation of Steel Pipes to Egypt with PetroChina.

The department signed the contract with PetroChina on 9th of August for the transportation of 50 thousand squared-meter steel pipes as a result of a two-month target client marketing. The steel pipe is of 34.09 m long with a diameter of 2.032 m, which has a weight of 43 tons, and is for the use of expansion of ports on the Suez Canal. The transportation task is split into three sea shipments from Qinhuangdao/Bayuquan to Port Said East ACCT in Eygpt. The Engineering and Logistics ensures the client with a safe transportation through its technical support.

The department has complete logistic solutions for clients, the capability to deal with complex task, and the experience of risk management, and it will serve every client the best it could.